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At Lykans Realty, we redefine luxury in real estate. Founded on principles of excellence and dedication, we transcend mere brokerage, offering refined living and unparalleled service. Our seasoned team boasts deep expertise in the luxury market, dedicated to curating bespoke experiences for our discerning clientele.

With a carefully curated portfolio and a reputation for flawless transactions, we’ve earned our place as industry leaders. Each property in our portfolio exudes elegance and refinement, setting new standards in luxury living. Beyond transactions, we prioritize fostering enduring relationships, ensuring every interaction is marked by professionalism, integrity, and trust.

Why Choose us

At Lykans Realty, we redefine luxury living by delivering top-notch excellence and expertise in the luxury real estate market. Our carefully selected properties and dedicated team focus on providing personalized service, ensuring unique experiences that go beyond your expectations. You can trust Lykans Realty for exclusive listings and smooth transactions, guiding you with sophistication every step of the way. Choose Lykans Realty for an unmatched journey to luxury living.


Exquisite Properties

Discover curated listings of extraordinary homes that redefine luxury living.


All-in-One Solution

Our unwavering dedication ensures the highest standards in every aspect of our service.


Expertise in Luxury

With deep industry knowledge, we offer unparalleled expertise in the luxury real estate market.


Personalized Service

Experience tailored solutions and attentive care from our seasoned professionals.


Explore our diverse range of homes, apartments, and villas for your ideal living space.


Discover prime office spaces, retail outlets, and investment opportunities for commercial ventures.

Property Pioneers

At Lykans Realty, we understand the need for comfort. 

We foster harmony, ensure clear communication with experts, provide accurate information promptly, show unwavering commitment, and offer reliable tech solutions to conserve resources. Our goal is to deliver a real estate experience that prioritizes client satisfaction.

We’ve implemented all these initiatives at Lykans Realty.

Why Lykans

is the Perfect Choice?


Comprehensive Solutions

Full range of services simplifies transactions and maximizes returns.



Unmatched experience in Dubai's real estate market ensures informed decisions.


Integrity and Transparency

Honest, transparent dealings build trust and lasting relationships.

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Tabrez alam


Today, he stands as a recognized figure in the Indian real estate. His longstanding partnership with Lavish Chaudhary has been instrumental in his achievements

Piyush Bansal


A dynamic and driven entrepreneur whose journey began in the realm of real estate. His unwavering passion continues to fuel his ambition.

jagjot singh randhawa


He has dedicated himself to the highest echelons of the real estate. He has played an integral part to grow so many business and people



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